Handboek Rond de Franse Keuken:
M. F. K. Fisher

Een citaat uit The Art of Eating, waarover Auden schrijft "I do not know of anyone in the United States today who writes better prose". Fisher: "In general, though, France eats more consiously, more intelligently, then any other nation. It may be quails financière, or it may be a stew concocted from the rabbit that Papa Jaques caught yesterday under the hedge. Whichever France eats, she does it with a pleasure, an open-eyed delight quite foreign to most people."

"The incredible sun was in the middle of the sky. The workers in the vineyards stopped to rest and eat. They burned a stretch of grass at the edge of the vineyards along the roadside, and from the black ashes gathered in their hats the snails that had been roasted in the flames. Into cups, carried at their belts, they squeezed with their two hands the juice of half rotted grapes. It tasted much like wine; it was not wasting the good grapes. 'Roasted snails! Raw wine!'. I noticed that they crossed themselves before eating, gratefully."